How we developed Young Digital

Young Digital was developed out of the course ‘Using Digital Media in Research with Children and Young People’ at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR), University of Edinburgh.

It complements two other courses, ‘Involving Children and Young People in Research and Consultation’ and ‘Using Creative Media in Research with Children and Young People.’

Participants who came on our courses wanted to explore:

  • Different technologies
  • A range of methods
  • Ethical issues that arise when using digital media
  • Involving young people as participants and co-researchers.

This has substantially influenced the content of Young Digital. We have also drawn on the following:

  • Commissioned contributions from experts in research, consultation, education and participation with children and young people
  • Extensive searching of existing resources, specifically those available online on research with children, young people’s participation, e-safety, ethics and the technical aspects of working with digital media
  • Feedback and contributions from participants on our courses.

Young Digital was developed during 2012. Digital media are constantly evolving, as are resources on using digital media in research. You can stay updated through Twitter @Young_Digital

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“Computer games are just an example of play. And play is an important part of education delivery.”
Ollie Bray, Grantown Grammar School