Digital consultation

Digital media can be used to enhance and extend consultation work with children and young people. Traditional ways of seeking children’s views can be augmented with methods such as online surveys, social media, blogs and video diaries.

These methods should not be seen as a ‘quick fix’. It can be time consuming to design and implement digital consultations, and to encourage young people to engage with them. However, the benefits can be substantial: for example, extending the geographical reach of a consultation, reducing travel costs, and gathering a wide variety of views in different formats.

The videos on this page explain some of the digital consultation methods used by Young Scot, a national youth information and citizenship charity.

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“The approach of putting something up on a social media site and expecting the work to be done on dissemination is not realistic. The attention that we’ve always given to how we disseminate our findings should be given as well to using the online world.”
Susan Elsley, University of Edinburgh