Social media and mobile devices

Social media is the term for online systems based on user-generated content. This includes social networking sites, weblogs and microblogs, social bookmarking sites, and services for sharing media such as photos, videos and audio.

We have grouped social media and mobile devices together as the two are increasingly used together. There are many kinds of mobile digital devices, that can access the internet. Currently, the most common examples are smartphones and tablet computers.

Most social media and mobile devices are designed to be easy to use, and require no specialist skills. There are still technical issues to consider:

  • which platform will be most suitable for your purposes
  • what privacy features are available
  • and compatibility between types of software and hardware

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“The approach of putting something up on a social media site and expecting the work to be done on dissemination is not realistic. The attention that we’ve always given to how we disseminate our findings should be given as well to using the online world.”
Susan Elsley, University of Edinburgh