Staying updated

Digital media are changing constantly. Staying up to date is important.

Reading technology blogs and news feeds is one way to keep updated. Sites will let you subscribe in various ways, through their Twitter feeds, via email, or using an RSS feed reader.


  • Mashable. For news about social media.
  • GigaOM. Technology news and analysis site.
  • TWiT (This Week in Technology). Regular technology newscasts.

Many news services allow you to tailor feeds to your needs. For example, CNET has feeds for news about mobile devices, security and privacy, Apple, Microsoft and so on.

By the time you are reading this, there may be more news feeds available or some may have been discontinued.

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“The approach of putting something up on a social media site and expecting the work to be done on dissemination is not realistic. The attention that we’ve always given to how we disseminate our findings should be given as well to using the online world.”
Susan Elsley, University of Edinburgh