Using audio-visual media

Audio-visual media include videos, digital photography, sound recordings, podcasts, animations and slideshows. Using these kinds of media can help enrich and enliven your research, but the technicalities are sometimes tricky.

Issues to consider include production values, equipment, skills and training. The resources in this section will help you to address some of these technical challenges.

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More Resources

JISC Digital Media: creating

Comprehensive and detailed information covering numerous technical aspects of photography, video and audio production.

Communicating using storyboarding and video animation

A short step-by-step guide to using animation and storyboarding to communicate messages from research. From the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services (IRISS).

How to shoot video with your smartphone

Many smartphones can shoot video, but making it look good can be tricky. This page gives some hints and tips on how to get the best results.

Digital storytelling using video interviews

A detailed guide to the technical aspects of using video to interview people. Covers equipment, set up, composition and gives a step-by-step guide.

Taking photos for the web

A BBC video giving helpful advice about how to take good photographs for online use.

Tips and advice on what video kit to buy

Useful advice sheet on choosing and buying video hardware and software. Download the pdf from this blog post.


“Using digital media in research shouldn’t be ethically vastly different to everyday research.”
Susan Elsley, University of Edinburgh